The Cardio Kickboxing Workout to Make You Feel Badass No-Equipment

Cardio Kickboxing Workout

As fun as it is to flip tires, lift heavy weights, or burn muscle tissue out at the mercy of a Megaformer, there’s something satisfying about obtaining a sweat that is good absolutely nothing a lot more than your bodyweight. (And carrying it out without even making your home.) Better yet? When that workout turns you into a tough AF machine that is fighting.

This at-home cardiovascular workout that is kickboxing trainer Kym Perfetto will help you do exactly that: burn cals and build up those self-defense muscles using kickboxing, capoeira (a super-cool kind of fighting styles), and good antique burpees. Bonus points for making fight-scene-worthy effects that are sound and even more bonus points for following it up with Kym’s quickie reduced abs workout.

Exactly how it works: do the warm-up, progress through each then of the moves. Follow along with Kym in the video for the timer, or set one yourself, doing as much reps as possible (AMRAP) during each interval. Once you reach the last end for the routine, repeat it yet another time.


Jump line: Pretend to be holding a jump rope at belly-button height, elbows close to ribs. Pretend to swing the rope, hopping part to side with feet together. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Squat jumps: together begin with feet. Hope feet out wider than hip-width and immediately reduce into a squat. Press through the feet to stand and leap feet together. Repeat for 30 moments.

Front and straight back Kicks: together stand with foot. Leaning back slightly, kick right foot hassle free, then left foot straight forward. Then lean forward and kick right leg right backward and left leg right backward, keeping hips square. Perform for 1 minute.

Squat Side Kicks

A. Start with foot wider than hip-width apart.

B. Hinge at the sides and knees to lower right into a squat.

C. Press into feet to face, then shift weight into left leg, and kick leg that is appropriate out to the side, stacking right hip over left.

Do AMRAP for 1 moment. Do every other set in the site that is opposite.

Capoeira Kicks

A. stay with feet together. Swipe kick with the leg that is appropriate swinging it up and around to your right, taking a wide step to your side.

B. action left foot over to right foot, then step left foot right back in to a lunge, so front knee forms a angle that is 90-degree.

C. Step left foot forward and duplicate the motion on the other side. To make it more complex, eliminate the progress and step-together right from the swipe kick towards the lunge.

Do AMRAP for 1 minute.

Jab & Burpee

A. Start in a fighting stance, left foot slightly in front side and fists face that is guarding.

B. Throw a punch hassle free with the left hand (jab), then a punch hassle free with the right hand, pivoting hips forward (cross), then another jab that is left.

C. Place palms flat on the flooring outside front leg. Switch feet so foot that is correct in the front, and stay to duplicate the jab, cross, jab, switch combo on the other side.

Do AMRAP for 1 minute.

Repeat the Capoeira Kicks and Jab & Burpees.

Jab Roundhouse Combo

A. come from a stance that is ready remaining foot slightly in front. Throw a jab with the remaining hand, then a cross with the hand that is right.

B. Shift weight onto left leg and drive knee that is right chest. Plant foot that is right flooring, then move weight into remaining base once more to swing right foot around in a roundhouse kick. C. Place foot that is right on to the floor, then jump to switch legs so right foot is right in front. Repeat in the side that is opposite.


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