Healing Massages

Healing Massages and Body Works

Initially I was very skeptical about having healing capacities, so before I finally gave in, I neglected this for a number of years. Accepting the fact that I wasn’t the one doing the healing but I was just being a channel for a higher energy has helped me enormously. Nowadays, I just allow myself to receive this healing energy from the Source and transfer it to my clients.

I have studied different forms of massage therapies, amongst which are Tui-Na which is most commonly known as Acupressure, Reflexology where I use the hands and feet, Indian Head massage, and Shiatsu which like Tui-Na is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, but is a form of Japanese massage which mobilizes and uses the whole body. After listening to what ailment the person has or why he/she came for I allow my intuition to tell me what system or mix of systems to use. I also use cupping and moxa which help a lot in removing and opening up any stagnation in the body. Moxa is also used for bringing warmth and is especially beneficial for arthritis.

I love using Shiatsu and Reflexology on cancer patients who because of their health condition and sometimes even because of treatment cannot partake to a ‘normal’ relaxation massage so as not to spread the cancer all around the body. Shiastu uses pressure, pushing, pulling and mobilization and hence no stroking/spreading is done. With reflexology the hands and the feet are used to ‘reach’ the whole body so the whole body is being rejuvinated and healed without it actually being touched. Shiatsu is also excellent for people with arthritis or any other forms of conditions where the body feels stiff and requires movement. As a Yoga Teacher I like to consider Shiatsu as the Yoga Asanas being done for you by the teacher rather than you having to bend and stretch and force yourself on your body. The results here are amazingly pleasant and one feels restored.

As part of my body treatments, I love to incorporate the ancient treatment system of candling which was used in folk medicine for hundreds of years by the Aztecs, Greeks, Romans and also by other civilizations. Special candles are used in the ears and when needed even on specific areas of the body and on the chakras.

Ear Candling

During burning, the ear candle produces a slight vacuum and heat, which improves blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on the ear, nose and throat area. It helps to relieve sinuses which are blocked due to infections and allergies. The ear candle can also help to loosen compacted ear wax. Another bonus is that the ear candle also stimulates the acupuncture points located around the eardrum which are hard to reach in other ways. According to naturopathic and bio-energetic practitioners, ear candling has a good influence on the clients’ bio-energetic system. It’s important to mention that ear candling is a very relaxing experience which can also ease symptoms of a stressful lifestyles.

The ear candles used are hollow, cone-shaped devices made from cotton linen dripped into wax mixture. They are handmade and impregnated with essential oils and the actual handwork and their shape strengthen the candle’s beneficial bio-energetic effect. The ear candle also has a multi-layered gauze filter at the bottom which offers a more comfortable and softer sensation in the ear and also completely protects the ear and the skin of the receiver.

Treatment List

The following treatments can be customised as required.

90mins treatment 45:

  • Shiatsu (fully-clothed on floor) for balancing body energies
  • Full body massage with oils for relaxation, well-being and stress relief

60mins treatment 38:

  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage with oils
  • Full or half body massage with oils

40mins treatment 25:

  • Chinese cupping for tension release
  • Lower back/pelvis focus
  • Leg massage for tired, heavy legs
  • Hand and arm/foot and lower leg massage
  • Head/face massage for headaches/sinus /tension
  • Pain management treatments

Ear candling 25:

  • including head and ear massage

Body polish 25/40:

  • back (scrub/impurities removal/masque & massage)
  • full body (scrub and massage with oils)

Parafango muds 325:

  • for slimming/toning/water-retention/detox/ circulation/silhouette shaping (12 sessions spread over 4 or 6 weeks)

Health Coaching €40:

  • Holistic eating & lifestyle coaching (60min)