Beauty Therapy

Holistic Beauty Therapy

My approach in this area is mainly two-fold.

Outer Approach

Personally, and on my clients I use ENVIRON products.  These originate from South Africa, are developed and researched by Dr Des Fernandes who is a world-renowned plastic surgeon specializing in burns.  These products are clean and perfectly safe to use as there are no added preservatives, chemicals or perfumes during manufacture.  I use these products mainly for facials and for toning up the skin all over the body during weight loss.

I also give other services like hair removal - waxing and electrolyses, eyebrow shaping and eyebrow/eyelash tinting and slimming treatments using the Parafango Mud system which detoxes the body by draining oedema and flushing it out and by enhancing circulation.

Inner Approach

Here I come in as a Health Coach, and use the Macrobiotic model when it comes to dealing with food.  Yoga comes in when it comes to opening up and lengthening the body, and also stilling the mind preparing it for meditation.

ENVIRON Treatment Menu

Different facials are available so you might feel a bit confused as to which is the right treatment for you. I have tried to keep them as simple as they come, but if still unsure, ask me for guidance.


ENVIRON Facials using Iontophoresis & Sonophoresis:

Ultimate Vitamin Therapy (90 mins)

  • Level 1 (AVST Treatment Gel/Moisture Gel) - 45
    • All skin types—radiance and refreshment
  • Levels 2-4 (Serum C-Quel 1,2,3) - 47
    • All skin types—sun damage, pigmentation, premature ageing & scarring
  • Level 5 (Intensive Retinol / Colostrum) - €50
    • Intensive retinol for photodamaged skins, pigmentation & lines—Retinol home care advisable to maximize effect /
    • Colostrum is a calming/restorative treatment for Rosacea, redness, irritation, sensitivity, dryness & inflamed problematic skins—strengthens, thickens, heals and soothes—Colostrum home care available
  • Level 6 (Intense-C peel) - 53
    • The freshest and most active form of Vit.C for sun damaged and dull skins—brightens, firms and makes radiant—not suitable for acne skin
  • Sono DFP 312 Peptide treatment - 56
    • An innovative serum with 3 advanced anti-ageing peptides stimulating collagen and elastic production—overall skin appearance improved, softens fine lines, tightens lax skin and refines scar and uneven skin tone appearance—Avance home use available
  • Lac-pamgel hydrating facial - 47
    • Intense & luxuriously hydrating for winter parched, sun damaged skin and hyper-pigmentation—hydrates, plumps and firms skin
  • Enhancing Vitamin Therapy (Iontophoresis -Alginate only) - 45
  • Precision Vitamin Therapy (Sonophoresis only) - 45
  • Purifying Vitamin Therapy (Light peeling & vitamin therapy) - 48
  • Clarifying Vitamin Therapy (Light peeling & vitamin therapy) - 48
  • Frown Sono Treatment (30mins) - 28
    • A special panta-peptide serum targeting frown lines and crows feet for forehead and eyes—similar to Botox—just for home-users of Environ Focus Frown Serum as clients get their own product and Roll-Cit/Stamper. Upon purchase of product and Roll-Cit/Stamper one treatment is given free of charge


ENVIRON Cool Peels

  • ACM & LACM Peels - €40 - 45 + (€10 to facial if included as part of)
    • No burning, no redness, no down time—a better and more effective alternative to chemical peels for acne, thickened/rough or sun-damaged skins/rosacea/fine lines and wrinkles/reduces inflammation/evens out skin texture & tone/triggers growth factor release to create tighter skin & refines large open pores


ENVIRON Manual Facials (60mins)

  • Hands-On Vitamin/Deep Cleansing Vitamin Therapy - €40



  • Waxing                 
    • Full legs €15/ (including bikini line) €19/ Half leg €9/ Bikini line €6/ Small Brazilian €7/ Full Brazilian €15/ Underarms €6/ Half Arm €7/ Full Arm €9/ Lower Abdomen or Lower Back €5/ Half Abdomen or half back €8/ Chin €2/ Upper lip €2/ Male full back €15/ Male Chest €12/ Male chest and abdomen €15/ other areas on request
  • Electrolysis
    • few hairs-€5/ 15mins €10/30mins €18/45mins €25



  • Eyebrow shaping
    • €4 to €6 (tweezing and/or wax)
  • Tinting
    • Eyebrow €5/ Eyelash €7/ Both €11
  • Eyelash Extensions
    • First set €45/ infills €30



  • Manicure - 18
    • Nail trimming/shaping/hand and arm massage
  • Pedicure - 25 
    • Nail trimming/hard skin removal/foot and leg massage
  • (Nail polish application included—get your own polish)



Beauty therapy has always intrigued me because as a woman, I work at making the body beautiful. The skin is a magnificent organ, and through my maturity in my studies I have come to realise that the skin reflects the person.  

Beautiful, radiant skin is not just a result of what products you apply on top of it, but also what kind of fuel you give it.