Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes


My yoga path started seventeen years ago during a turbulent period in my life. I had started to attend some yoga classes, always curious to know more…. Meanwhile, I met Marius(Govinda), a Jnani who had just returned from his studies in India on Yoga and Ayurveda. Through practicing yoga together our union grew deeper and as a result of our love I gave birth to our beautiful Nikki-Lee, now 15, a budding Artist and Author.

As an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer / Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant, I deem the physical structures of the body to be an important component of health, happiness and balance. My approach is one of loving the structure which houses the soul. Through Asana and Pranayama, the mind is challenged to focus, concentrate and let go of the thoughts that ‘haunt’ you. It is through Yoga that I learnt to live the particular moment fully aware and in contact with my body – I use it to reunite my body, mind and breath and hope to share this experience with you!

At the moment I run my personal weekly classes from my home in Mqabba. I also teach weekly classes with the Government's SportMalta program as a Community work where I share the need of lifestyle change with the Maltese people. This is something I re-took up last year to be able to reach more people and spread the message of Yoga.


I have also had the wonderful opportunity to work with an Irish based company who organizes Yoga Holidays around the world including Gozo, our sister island. Here I taught dynamic morning and restorative evening Yoga, and also hosted, cooked and organized the travellers' week-long yoga holiday. Although I don't work here anymore, I now also host personalized Healing Get-Aways from my home in Mqabba, so please just contact me if you are interested!



Rejuvinate, re-balance, breathe, ground yourself, connect to your inner feelings and relax as you allow yourself to migrate into your body and re-establish the connection between your body, your mind and your breath.

Dedicate an hour, two or three hours a week (personal one-to-one sessions also available) as per the following schedule::

Weekday Time Lesson Type
Tuesday 6:00pm - 7:00pm Prep Hathakrama
Wednesday 6:00pm - 7:00pm Prep Hathakrama
Friday 6:30pm - 7:30pm Prep Hathakrama



Fee Lessons
€ 35.00 5 weeks attending 1 class
€ 50.00 5 weeks attending 2 classes
€ 12.00 Pay per class
€ 25.00 One-to-one personal classes
€ 25.00 Pregnancy Personal Classes


Yoga Lesson Packages

Classes are small and personalised.  Location is my home in Mqabba.  All you need to get is your body and your mat.
On my part, I look forward to host you in my sacred space and to be your guide, assisting you in joining your body, mind, breath and spirit.....

With peace and gratitude,
Shirley x